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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has some thoughts on Roma, Queensland as a possible place to invest? Are there any current forum users that have already invested there so have a real world experience?

    I look forward to hearing your responses.



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    Hi Mikal

    I think the boat has sailed in Roma.

    I had a few places there around 10 years ago and did very well in the town but to me there are plenty of better places to invest.


    Yours in Finance

    Richard Taylor | Australia's leading private lender

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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the response. Roma’s stats look good and stable. Are you saying its not a place to consider at all. All current and futures investors should forget Roma?

    What are your suggestions for better places to invest and why?


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    How did you go with Roma? I am looking into that area too, and a few other places around there such as chinchilla. Interested to know how you are going with it?

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    I work in/Around Roma on a regular basis. I’ve had my eye on the area for quite a while, I would say the boat has sailed on capital gains but if you are looking for positive geared IP’s they are there. I don’t know how long that will remain that way for however.
    I know some CSG work has wells planned to be drilled for the Area for the next 30 years however that still doesn’t entice me to buy there. As for Chinchilla i’m not sure if it is worth getting in there at the moment either, i think it might be a bit late in the game in terms of the BOOM but same goes, Rent should be stable. Need to keep the protestors quiet and keep the rigs turning to the right so we can all make lots of money out there…. :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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