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    Hey guys has anyone here used oz forex to deal with overseas transfer before? Any of you overseas investors use these services or do you just stick with banks?

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    I use XE

    Been using them for years. AU -> NZ, NZ ->China, NZ/AU -> Malta

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    I use OzForex whenever I transfer from AUD to USD, seem to give me decent enough rates anyway. Easy to deal with as well, never had too much of an issue.

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    Yep, I use them all the time.  Easy to deal with, good rates, and fast transfers.

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    They great very user friendly account interface an helpful staff if you need to call them, an rates way better than the banks, when you input a quote it shows you the comparable bank rates. 

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    I have been using clearfx for the past 4 years.

    They are very good. Great rates and are very quick to answer the phone if anything is neded.


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