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    Hi all – can you astute and well-researched investors please advise what 'special' sources you use to find properties except for the obvious domain and

    Even for a small payment service fee, let m eknow pls

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    Hi Ajay

    It's not easy to source properties outside of the normal avenues such as the large property search sites.

    You really need to be in the know within the area – which means building solid relationships with local estate agents. Good BA's do this – they build up a good rapport with local agents and have buyers ready to snap up properties when a quick sale is required.



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    Cant go past a few letter box drops either.

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    If you are close to the area drive around and look for for sale signs, as well as places that match your criteria. Knock on the door or as wilko said drop a flyer in their letterbox.

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    Buyers Agents.

    Offering Bird-dog or finders fee's.  (Facebook groups, groups, Investor groups)

    I've personally  posted a few deals I found in my area that I thought were 'too good to be true'. I looked into them and they worked out but I couldn't pursue as finances were in other deals. I've got a real easy Reno and resell under VF possibility at my finger tips now but their already stretched. 

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    Agree other than the obvious areas there is good old fashioned cold calling to the Real Estate agents on the area.

    As Buyers Agents we often get Agents ring us before the property is officially listed to see whether we have any clients interested. Often an offer the same day takes it off the market from other potential buyers.


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    Build your relationships with agents.

    As buyer’s agents we get calls from our buyer’s agents who have found interesting opportunities around the country. They give us the heads up on properties and we do the same for them.

    Buying 300-400 investment properties per year would be undo-able without a network of agents sharing their knowledge with us.

    About 30% of the data we collect is research that comes from one on one calls with real estate agents located in the areas being researched, we then collate and analysis those results to substantiate our findings.

    As a property investor you cannot under estimate your need to build relationships with real estate agents.

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