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    Hi everyone, I’m new here so may not have done this properly.
    I want to paint a two storey house.
    Top storey, New- vinyl cladding. Not peeling or powdered, but still good original colour.
    Bottom storey, Old- cement render. With cracks, that I can repair easily.
    My question is, if there is a paint I can use for both? Understand it depends on the prep coat,
    but just want to get out of it with ordering one lot of paint if I could. Any ideas?
    Thanks Ron.

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    Hi Roben,

      I see you have recently joined us – Welcome !! 

      Sorry, I can't help with "one paint type", but your post prompted me to ask a couple of questions that may (or may not…) help somewhat.


    Top storey, New – vinyl cladding. Not peeling or powdered, but still good original colour.

      What I know of as "cladding" is often metal with a kind of colourfast surface (i.e. meaning "never needs painting").  Is that similar with the vinyl?   I don't know the stuff – the fact that it "doesn't need painting" would not preclude the point that it "may be possible to paint it".  I just don't know.  Do you have a local friendly paint shop that can help out?

      Maybe try three or four "local paint shops" until you find one who has "been there, done that" or has seen/heard of it happening.  Where a business operates for many years, the owners do collect a lot of "war stories" that might help in your situation.

      Can't think of much more than that right now, but good luck with your search,


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    Doing the painting alone could be really exhausting and time consuming. Suggest you can go to a painter and have it done by them, if you have the right amount of budget.


    Regards from our team!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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