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    Hello All,

    Can someone please help? A tenant has done some damage to my property, smashed plaster board, damaged skirting, destroyed some electrical connections. 

    I am after two things:

    * Johns Lyng are one of the builders the insurers are getting to quote on the work. So far really good up front service, really good. However i dont know what sort of quality workmanship they have. Has anybody had experience with their tradies. do they do a good job?

    * Does anybody know quality tradies or a single contractor with quality sub contractors (electricians, plasterers, and painters?) that can work in the western side of Melbourne?


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    I have used hire a hubby before

    and I also used in the past

    Might be worth getting a quote off.

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    I would not be too worried about the electrics, they will be done by a electrical contractor to Aus standards and should be signed off . I would assume you or the insurer will inspect and sign off on the job completion so you will have recourse to the insurer who will take it to the contractor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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