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    Hi all I am just getting into property investing having been mainly involved in shares before this. I am looking to buy my first IP after 2 years of reading up on property investment books and such. I have read other posts but cant seem to find much mentioned about software so far.  I just wondered if someone could suggest the very best property software. So far I have found two main stream ones – PIA and POSH. My maths is not great and my computer skills are fair at best but I would love to hear from someone who uses software what they feel the very best one is to simplify the analysis of potential property purchases?

    Cheers, Beau.

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    Hi Beau

    Here's a spreadsheet that will help you assess the numbers on a potential deal. I'm sure it's not as flash as some of the expensive programs but at least it's free –



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    Hi Beau,

    Here is a free online version that is far more powerful than PIA or POSH

    Good luck


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    Hi Beau,

    take a look at this
    OMG!! I am very excited about it!

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    I use PIA.

    Find it pretty helpful.

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    It may seem a little primative, but the best looking deals I see are explained quickly and clearly with pen and paper.

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    Without being too specific, what do you want the software to do?

    Mortgage calculations, simple gross/nett returns or the heavier dcf/irr & cashflow analysis?

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    christianb wrote:
    It may seem a little primitive, but the best looking deals I see are explained quickly and clearly with pen and paper.

    I cans see how that would be right once you have done it a few times. I was more after software that will show me all the potential costs when analyzing a deal so I know I have truly done my home work and so I don't get any surprises at tax time a year later. They certainly don't make it easy in our country.
    Thanx already though everyone. Ill check out these links till I find the best software for me.

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    I recently put this together. It does not only do the calculations but also estimates the figures for you: rent, costs, vacancy, etc


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    Take a look at, has fields for your specific property calculations like an excel spreadsheet, dashboards for equity, cashflow, mortgage and taxes, plus pulls in API market data and comparable sales, mortgage rates etc

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    Hi Jamie

    I also tried your link but it isn’t working for me. I get
    An error has occurred.
    The requested page can’t be found.


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    Hi all,

    Like you all, I tried the link that Jamie provided. It failed. But then, I deleted the latter part of the URL to leave just the website name – that worked, so I looked down the home page, saw the “Investors” button, and clicked that.

    On the Investors page, right down bottom is a list of resources – and one of them was the “Property Analysis tool” – clicked THAT, and up it came.

    And guess what? It was the IDENTICAL link to the one Jamie had posted (????) but this time it worked. Go figure !!


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    Hi all,

    I have used Property Director, which is excellent which someone posted on the forum here a while ago.   They allow you to add your property and forecast it, and also give you access to property market activity data (Days on market, vendor discount rates), and median house prices covering all Aussie suburbs going back decades.

    You can search ANY property address in Australia and it gives you detailed info about it like zoning info and price sale history.  I’ve used for researching specific properties before making offers.  You can go to to check them out and they give you a free trial.


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