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    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone contact me with some details of recommending brokers to me… I’ve had one or two i just googled tell me varying things. One wants to remortage all my loands (obviously so he gets a % commission on the size of the loans), the other is telling me to increase a LOC i have to pay deposit and find the money with another lender.

    Currently with Westpac and ING… total loans worth 650k, property worth 1mill…

    Servicability is getting me…

    Anyway, let me know if yu can



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    Come to the next APN meeting and you can meet a Mortgage Broker.

    Or read link and Neil's details are on the web page.

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    Yes you would be suprised how many clients tell me their Broker wants them to refinance all of their current loans purely and utterly for the income.

    There is no reason to refinance all of you properties (assuming interest rates are much of a muchness).

    Without additional information it is difficult to comment however there is usually a way around things.

    The introduction of the NCCP effective July 1 has not helped however as long as the recommendation is not unsuitable then often a way around it.

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    Yep, Pete Tersteeg from Sage Lending –

    He helped me build my portfolio before I became a broker my self. Extremely knowledgable broker and based in Melbourne.

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      Same questions as JR about a Broker but can anyone  recommend me one that is in Sydney,any help would be appreciated.

      Cheers Case

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