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  • I am looking at refinancing a newly built tenanted investment property to another lender which the money loaned is only around 60% of the properties worth and am wanting to know if it is possible to refinance the property to the full 80%-90% without any tax implications to the negative gearing side of things. The extra money would be used to build…[Read more]

  • Hi Richard,
    Sorry i should of added my financial situation.
    Home last valued at $740K around 6 months ago, $460K owing and the block of land is $230K.I have a yearly income of over $150K and my wife $30K.
    I’m not sure on what to build on there yet as i do not know how much i am capable of borrowing.

  • Hi,
    I’m after advice on the best way to set up an investment property loan.
    I have recently put a deposit down on a block of land and am looking to either build a duplex on it or just a single residents but am not sure on how to set up the loan structure for it.I have a mortgage out on my own property but am not wanting to link the 2 together if…[Read more]

  •  Same questions as JR about a Broker but can anyone  recommend me one that is in Sydney,any help would be appreciated.  Cheers Case

  •  Thanks everyone will definately be looking out to find a Morgage Broker sometime soon. Catalyst i didn't say getting into the IP market to reduce my tax is the main reason just another reason but yes i am always reading,listening to peoples opinions and trying to take in as much as possible.Thanks again everybody for your input.

  •  Hi evereyone,  I'm in the same situation as Stacey but have a deposit,the thing with me is that i am not quiet sure on where to go from here,should i see an accountant,financial advisor??? The other problem is finding the right one that will suit me,any advice,tips or questions i should be asking when trying to find the right p…[Read more]


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