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    Hi everyone,
    I have a question to ask in relation to commercial leasing.
    I am looking to lease a retail shop which has a single bedroom dwelling attached at the rear of the premise. Is it possible for me to lease out the dwelling? must this be stated in the terms of the contract?

    Any help on this matter would be great.
    Thank you in advance.


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    You will generally need permission to sub-lease out party. Have a read of the lease agreement, it will probably be covered.

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    It would be extremely rare to find a lease which would allow subletting without reference to the Lessor. In the commercial sense, the lessor may also need to seek mortgagee consent to the subletting as well.

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    There is a lease agreement with which you must go on. In case of commercial leasing, I think it will be listed in the term of contract. I request you to mention your site so that we can help you out more specifically.

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    Most commercial leases will state that you can sublease with Lessor consent, however the lessor cannot reasonably withhold such consent.  Definitely something you need to make sure is covered in the lease agreement if you intend on doing it.

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    I don't see why not. There are many people who are using their commercial property that they own and rent a space adjacent to it.

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    as far as my knowledge is concern..i think it will be listed in the contract..:)

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