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    Does anyone know a good builder/designer for Duplexes in Sydney? Even a bad one so I know to avoid! Also, is there a big difference in Sale price between a readily designed display home duplex versus an Architect specially designed duplex? I am planning to sell the Duplex after building it.

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    You may already have plans drawn up already by a town planner. When a block is subdivided sometimes the town planner has to draw up designs to prove to the council that a dwelling will fit on the property. This depends on the size of the block to be subdivided. Just a thought that may be worth looking into.


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    Display homes are cheap and easy if your site is PREFECT for the one you select. Once you start making changes or have a site that is less the perfect the price starts climbing.

    In my experience if you cant get the perfect display home then using an architect to design a house of similar quality should cost about the same. The benefit is you now have a unique home.

    I am an architect and work in Sydney and the South Coast – if you need any help send me an email.


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    Regarding Duplex builders, I advise you not to go with Eagle Homes as we have had a lot of trouble with them.

    On face value they seem very cheap but will not provide anywhere near the service or support that other builders provide.

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