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    Has anyone ever heard the saying 'you attract who you are'? I'm of the belief that most people have a negative attitude towards agents and so that is exactly what you get. I'm not an agent but I have come across so many RE Agents that are actually fantastic (credible, professional and ethical).
    Can I suggest that people focus on building professional / strategic relationships with agents in your area and take your focus away from meeting another dead head agent that you don't trust already and have summed up in 5 seconds based on public perception and what others say. You are looking for poor agents so you will find them. There are always a handful in an area but focus your effort on building helpful partnerships in your property investing – this will be a big key to your success.
    I have around 12+ agents I deal with monthly that are reliable, pass on good property to me and always treat me with respect. I also respect them and what they do as I watch them deal with clients in a fair and ethical way.
    Why do people focus so much time on talking about evil agents and how bad they all are. If you have had bad experiences in the past – learn from that agent and move on to one that you know you need to deal with to get what you need. This is one of the main reasons why I think people dont succeed in Real Estate Investing.
    Here is a vote for speaking more positively about the good agents out there

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    Great post,

    Generally what we see (and get served in life) is a reflection of what's inside. The bottom line is that real estate (in all facets) is a relationship business. Rapport is our most valuable tool.

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    given my usual feelings about estate agents and car salesman, I am finding it odd that I am agreeing with you.

    I deal with 3 different agents:

    one old worldy , ethical gentleman type.  very straight down the line to deal with

    one very professional , switched on,  nicely documented inspections etc…..wish they were all like that

    one bunch of really nice but really incompetent and chaotic people to deal with.  I guess I will toss them eventually but its sort of interesting (in a watching a train wreck kind of way) to see what they will get wrong next.    As long as tenants are good and rent is paid its not a big thing, as I stay engaged with the tenants anyway.

    But overall no sleazy , lying estate agent stereotypes ….as far as I know :-)

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    right sort of attitude. good on you

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