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    Someone is actually using this as a signature!

    Is working really for suckers?

    Do people generally view investing in properties as not working?

    How many properties constitutes not working?

    What investment strategies are not work?

    Is the attitude the same for property traders?

    I am just curious of general investor attitudes towards working!

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    Hi Xenia,

    I also have noticed that there is often an attitude that if you are working you are doing it all wrong. Interestingly, I have observed this attitude most in the "almost there Investor". I am sure you know the one, lots of information, all gunho, results just starting to be observed, stars in their eyes where it will all lead to. I do find it insulting  and condescending that in their "arrogance of potential sucess" that anyone not doing the same is a sucker.

    I believe we all make choices in this world fo all kinds of reasons and a measure of someones sucess in life is not based on wealth alone. There is no denying that money certainly makes life easier but it does not guarentee you will be happy. If you are truley happy with your point in life, what does it matter if you are working, investing or otherwise. I know this is simplistic, but I am finding that there is too much keeping up with the Jones and the desire to make more money for the sake of it.

    And yes, I think at one stage, I too fell into that catagory, at least to a degree. Having my little ones has changed my view on a lot of things. Ahhhhh Yoda…….perhaps we really do get wiser with age!!!!


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    I actually say this all the time with a small but i feel significant difference.

    Working for the man is for suckers.

    I've been an employee of quite a few different organisations over the years.  Not one of those jobs has paid me what i believe my actual worth is, I have rarely felt job satisfaction, managers point the finger when the shit hits the fan and tend to forget the little people when things go right.

    When i compare these jobs to my own business, the business where i get up at 3am every sunday, the difference is clear.  I get paid exactly the amount i deserve (sometimes more than i deserve) Every sunday lunchtime I'm happy with the job i've done, and whatever the results are, good or bad, it all comes down to what i did that day.

    In my opinion being an employee is definitely being a sucker.  Unavoidable for the time being, but definitely on my list of things to not do.

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    I go with eveything bruxism has said, managers point the finger when it goes bad and take all the glory when it goes good i have experienced this time after time in the many jobs i've had.
    If it's four you go for it but not four me.

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    this thread seems have taken off in a couple of directions

    no working an an employer is just not for suckers.  The people that slave away in unproductive franchises or to pay sky high shopping centre rentals arent necessarily being very smart just because they work for themselves.  Just depends on your needs and aptitudes,  not sure why people feel the need to tear others down because they take a different path…..maybe its insecurity.

    generalisations about managers ar just that , generalisations.  Ive worked for brilliant ones and crappy ones,  there are both kinds out there.   If you continually find bad managers and your work not being valued ,  perhaps its time to have a think about how you pick the companies you want to work for,  if you are continually drawn to the ones with such crappy attributes.

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    I reckon Amway have a good saying!!! (not that i am in amway!!)
    Definition of J.O.B. is "just over broke!!"

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    Ah yes the old J.O.B catchphrase……

    Well I guess I am fortunate being a coal miner working 7 days per fortnight for over $120k. I reckon I'll hang on to my job for a few more years as its easy money and it is funding my property portfolio


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