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    i was wondering if other members here are aware of the rumours surrounding the US dollar and obvious implication to US property or general investing in US currency.

    I have been made aware that a highway from mexico to canada is being planned and that the US government is contemplating a new currency called the "amero" following the euro to include US, canada and mexico!! this would obvious mean the US dollar is going to be heavily reduced in value. Also i have been discussing the credit debt in the US and how it could potentially cause major problems for the dollar in coming years…..

    Any thoughts or further input from those following any of this would be greatly appreciated!!


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    hmm…. the little i know tells me that Australia has the resources that the new world demands – the next decade at least will see record demand from developing countries china, then india and south american (I read somewhere that dometic demand is taking over export demand in China – Mr middle America "can i really afford the extra LCD on LOC "will have some imapact – and the chinese will have to decide if they  are still willing to finance American deficit ) but at the end of the day Australia still has the basic bluilding blocks that are required for economic expansion in the emerging economies  (although only the physical because we have leaked all our human talent to better oppurtunities- less tax)…… just from the little that i know please add facts or opinions!!!!  I think that we have at least a couple if years of harsh (post late 80's )- rates ahead ….flip side good property deals… hmm please add opinons!!!!!! Is the centre of the economic world shifting and are we at  the cusp of a new world order????? Was Mr Keating not so wrong???????? C'mon you Libs give me some diff opinions

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    It has as much chance of flying as a combined NZ/Aus economy.

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    Having lived in Canada for 2 years we have not even heard of the idea and knowing how much apart the 3 Amigos are – US, Canada and Mexico we could never ever see that happening unless the US invaded both countries and what point would there be in re-naming the Greenback?

    Very odd to even think about it.


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    Agree with Paul,

    never heard of this so dont expect something like this happening, if you read it somewhere online can you please post the link here will be interesting to read.

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    its an idea hatched by economists and would be too controversial for the usa right now.

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    The US is going to continue to print some more money to help with the declining property market and the also “declining” consumer sentiment. So the $US is going to to be worth less, at least in the short term. I suspect professional traders will continue to make a killing on silver and gold shares.


    Happy Investing


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    Hmmm, what jon said :)

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