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    Has anyone used the Dulux One Coat paint?
    I was wondering if it works well or not. It is more expensive than regular paint, so I don't want to buy it only to have to paint twice.
    I know I sound really lazy, but I have a rental that I need to freshen up. I have limited time to paint as settlement has been delayed by vendor and I already have tenants looking to apply.

    Anyone tried it? There's one for walls and one for the ceiling that goes on pink but dries white(Apparently)

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    I have always had to apply 2 coats but that was on an unpainted ceiling. And yes it does dry white.


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    Have used one coat ceiling paint, and as long as it is over the same colour, it covers well enough.

    I just freshened up a ceiling using it and it was fine. I have also used the paint that goes on pink and dries white and it is fantastic because it is very hard painting white on white to see where you have done.

    Same house we chose a wall colour almost the same (but nicer) and used "normal" good quality paint (not "one coat" type). I made sure that I cut in with good cover and then rolled the walls with good cover, and because the colour was almost the same, didn't have to do the second coat YEAY!!!!

    I too am a lazy painter, but after doing the walls and ceiling, the windows looked shabby, so painted the whole house with gloss enamel as well (which I was hoping to avoid). Also painted 21 doors in gloss enamel and for the very first time I used a small roller to roll on the enamel and brushed it to finish. I cannot believe how much faster the job got done and I wish I had tried it 30 years ago.


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    Thanks Dave and Wylie, I appreciate your comments.
    I guess if the walls are a close color to the new paint, one good coat might do.
    I'll give it a go.

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    One coat is more expensive because it contains more pigment. The pigment is what covers the old colour so the more pigment you get in your paint the less paint you need per square meter to do the same job.

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