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    What effect do you think the drought is having on lawn mowing businesses. I guess there is kid's that mow lawns for pocket money and all sorts of small business start ups that have had lawn mowing businesses.

    And I guess as a general estimate of it would be the division that Jim's Mowing has had on there mowing business Australia wide though I don't have any access to any stat's. I mean I'm in a SE Queensland town and the ground it dry as and dead you don't need to Moe it at all.

    Also when it does rain as we know grass takes off quick so they will need to start these businesses up again quickly and there will probably be a shortage.

    What effects do you think the drought is having on the mowing businesses also a guess landscaping and gardening is another thread.

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    My brother works for a landscaper/mowing business in Brisbane. It has been hit hard and he is doing less work right now.


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    Businesses are about survival of the fittest not rolling over and dying because an economic, climate or other condition is posing a challenge.
    If they dont change business models or plans to suit the current conditons then they won't survive.

    The ones that evolve to the changes will survive and take on business from ones that went under. Happens in every business all the time. Including the property market. You need to know what changes are coming and be prepared to take action and make some changes to your own strategies.

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    Drought definitely reduces the weekly income but if you do other property maintenance as well, it helps. Newcomers cut prices too drastically and then go broke within the first 1 or 2 years because they under estimate the never ending equipment repairs, insurance and overheads. My husband did it for 10 years and did quite well during that time. You're always at the mercy of the weather – it either rains too much or too little.

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