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    Speed is great but I'm also having trouble finding new posts and would prefer them listed according to category.  It just makes it easier to find posts that I'm interested in responding to. 
    Having developed my own website I know how hard,  and how much time it takes to get even the smallest feature to work smoothly so well done Steve and the gang.

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    Haven't been on the site for a while so it didn't remember me and had to submit passwords again..not sure how to find my last post as well.

    As far as the layout…No comment, Guess I'll get used to it

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    I think it's rubbish. The Active Topics used to work so well before with the options "Last 6 hours, last 12 hours, yesterday, last 3 days" etc. Now it's completely useless! Any chance that "Show all posts since:" option could be reinstated?

    And when I click on a topic it seems to always take me to page one. Not very efficient.

    The active topics list doesn't show the name of the latest poster.

    Apart from all that, it's perfect! :-P

    Cheers, F. [cowboy2]

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    As a past vocal critic (unusual for me to be like that I know!!) of the speed of the site, I am happy to see that it has improved out of 'site' (pardon the pun).

    Well done techs!!

    I would like to see recent posts appear on the login screen as before though. Small criticism. Generally I like it.

    Lisa, click on the "forums" button at the top of the page and the list will drop down, then select the category you want to look at. If you are like me and have no life you will look at all of them to find someone to annoy!!

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    wilrose wrote:
    Hi all,

    can anyone advise where to check on your own history of posts? I would like to find mine to see if there's been any replies but are a bit lost at this present point in time.


    Ditto, but love the speed.


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    I hate change.

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