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    Hi! I’m really new to this game & am absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of info I can find on the net. However, I have yet to find any reliable sources of info with regards to the vital statistics of a particular location- vacancy rates, average rentals, immigration, industry, demographic information etc etc. The usual median prices & capital growth stats are a dime a dozen, but these more important numbers seem hard to come by. I’m especially interested in rural/country areas, as this is the only place I can afford to start looking at for the moment. Thanx!

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    Perhaps Steve could chime in here, as I’m sure there are many areas of research that he goes through which I would also be most interested in………

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    A lot of research for the data that you require certainly can be completed over the Internet.

    If you are in Vic. / NSW, then I encourage you to read the articles posted on 19 Apr. 2002 as these contain a lot of great info. These reports come out 1/4ly.

    Most of the information that you require is available through the ABS too. You’ll need to pay for it online… but it is free at your local library.

    Finally, local councils often have business development / enticement programs that outline a lot of the demographic and infrastructure in the region. This may or may not be avaialble online, but a call to the council would be worth it to find out what is available.


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    Hey there ( no tag so not sure ??)
    I am also a newbie so I know how you feel. I found a very basic level of information can be gleaned from the website. When you search an area and look at a property in the top right corner a little “Area Profile” appears and this gives some basic (and more importantly) free information. Not all areas are covered but I have found most places I have looked at are there.
    Hope this helps.
    AD [:D]

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