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    Hi all,
    Could anyone help me out regarding the following:

    What exactly does it mean if a house is zoned Res B or C?
    Also if a house is on a block with two titles does this mean I can move the house onto one title and sell the other?

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    I think zoning varies from council to council so it is hard to say.

    If there are two titles, then these should be able to be sold separately. Whether you can move a house or not depends on the local council regulations and approvals etc.

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    In Victoria the zones are allocated by the state government but those decisions could be made with some influence by the individual councils when they need to free up some land for specific purposes. We bought a PPOR on an acre with the intention of selling off the back half to pay for renovations on the front half (as the agent said we could). When we spoke to the planning section of our council they told us we were zoned rural (now called farm zone) and that in that zone only blocks over 20 acres could be subdivided. They couldn’t do anything about it as they said the State Gov designated the planning overlays. We just had to wait and save for our reno instead. Julie
    I should have mentioned to get on the Gov site for your state and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a legend to explain the terms. I think it is the Department of Sustainability and Environment in Victoria. Good Luck

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    Yes each Council will have its own terms they use to describe zonings and categories so pay your Council a visit & ask for a copy of the regulations. Each zoning refers to if its residential, low/medium/high density, commercial, rural,industrial etc.

    With your second question I assume you mean that the house currently sits over both lots, so yes you could slide it sideways with Council approval, although this could be expensive. If its only minor perhaps you could lodge a Development Application to realign the boundaries around the existing house. Once again pay your local Council a visit.

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    Thanks for replying AmandBS, Terryw and JFisher. I didn’t even think about going onto the Council website for explanation. You can tell a newbie PI can’t you [blush2]


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