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    Is it possible to increase morgage in an investment property and use the money to reduce morgage on POPR.

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    Yeah, its called re-financing….

    However, you might want to talk to an accountant to make sure that the increased interest that you are paying on your IP will be tax deductible.



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    Yes you can do it.

    But it is pointless as the new borrowing will not be deductible and it will only mess things up.

    There is no simple way to change the loans from non deductible to deductible.


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    Some tax accountants are of the opinion that you can capitalise interest on an IP loan and then divert spare funds to pay down the home loan quicker. In Dec the ATO put out a ID saying capitalising interest was acceptable, but they withdrew it a few days later.

    So it is unclear if this is acceptable at the moment.

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    Thanks for your advice.
    My accountant has also confirmed,” that in Australia, the interest on borrowings are tax deductible only to the extent that the purpose of the borrowings are tax deductible”
    I came across the concept from a UK based Property website, where it appears to be possible to borrow up to the value at the time of letting and use the cash any way you want, and benefit from tax relief.
    Sounds too good to be true.

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