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    Hi all
    refering to the 33:30 challenge in steves 3rd book 0 to 260 properties in 7 yrs,

    I am letting everyone know that I am going to take up steves challenge and try to save $33.00 a day for the next 30 days so that in 30 days I will have a $1,000.00 THIS IS GOING TO BE HARD, my family is one hundred % behind it, this is day 2, and we have $66.00 behind us already, Today was a perfect example hubby and I and kids went shopping and I wanted a coffee out, which is 7.00 and by the time I buy the kids something it turns out to be 15.00, both the kids and hubby said at the same time remember $33.00, so in the end we brought a 2.00 drink and shared it between us.

    here’s hope it works,[biggrin]


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    Keep up the good work, it is amazing how much you can spend without realising it.

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    Well done Dr Spock.

    Keep us posted on how it is going.



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    Great stuff it is important to have clear set goals dont forget to reward yourself and family at the end. Not to big mind you, by the way if you would like an excel budget calculator let me know I will send you a basic one that have set up for my customers. You may find that once you overview your whole budget you can save even more. Mind you $33 a day is a pretty good effort I must say

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    Hi mate,

    Congratulations on starting to save money. I too am saving as much money as possible. At the moment I am earning ~$1200 per fortnight and saving ~$700 per fortnight, which isn’t bad considering i’m not living at home either. Although over Christmas I will probably not save anything because of presents and rewarding myself for a good year of saving money.

    I’m also getting a pay increase of $6,300 in 2007 which should mean but mid-next year I will be able to buy my first investment property.

    My New Years resolution is to buy one IP next year. Which is very challenging for me because I am only 22 and have now been working for 1 year!

    Keep up the good work!

    Paul [suave2]

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    Great idea! i can give some advice – set up a spreadsheet with income received for the month in one column and then expenses spent for the month in another column then what was left over for saving or investing.

    You will be suprised how much you spend each month, write down everything i am doing that at the moment. If i buy a paper for $1 i write it down write down to 50c for a packet of chewing gum. I carry a small note pad and pen and write down everthing i spend.

    I will be doing this for 1 year to see how much my lifestyle is costing me.

    hope that helps!


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    My money’s on you dare-to-dream. Starting so young your already ahead. [thumbsupanim]

    How about giving us progress scores every 10 days Dr Spock. It will be like going to weight watchers and will keep you on the straight and narrow. [smiling]


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    Good on you Dr. Spock. I hope you do it!! I cured myself of the ‘income cancer’ as I like to call it many years ago. I think I must be the tightest guy in the world now. Once you get the hang of it you will do it easily ALL the time.

    What will also happen is you will soon be going around looking at the “keeping up with the Jones” types and laugh your head off at them, and won’t be sucked into the consumerism that plagues our society.

    I saw a guy on tv here in L.A the other night who referred to this ‘income cancer’ as “THE LATTE FACTOR”. Do a google search on the term.

    He is a finance guru called David Bach, and he had a one hour show about exactly this sort of stuff. He was excellent and spoke in easy to understand language. He has a few books (can’t remember the names) so as well as Steve’s book read David’s also.

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    Thanks for all the encouragement,

    We will keep you informed every 10 days[cap]


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