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    hi guys
    just wondering whether any of you saw the today tonight’s show last thursday? i’m not sure of the exact day, anyways, they did a report on this guy who bought like 130+ properties that no one wanted, and he claims that they’re cashflow positive properties. and then they mentioned that for victoria, the hotspots for properties like this are port fairy, rutherglen and geelong.
    wat do you all think of this approach to property investing? and of the areas that were mentioned?[rolleyesanim]

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    does that mean +cf in total or after the deposit??

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    hey suffragette,
    i saw the show,
    and something you can take with agrain of salt is when shows like that talk about “hotspots”
    Definately check it out but alot of the areas i heard mentioned in the show have moved on.

    They often use alot of hype and very little fact.

    Of course That doesnt mean u cant create deals in those areas.

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    Think of Today Tonight and those type of programs as “reactive” as opposed to “proactive”. They only broadcast information that has already happened. Otherwise everybody who watches the program could just get rich by doing whatever the little person on the tv screen says and we all know that simply is not the case…

    The way to become wealthy in property is too identify areas with high capital growth before the rest of the population does.

    Having said that, whenever I watch an article like that I often have a look on the internet at some properties in those areas and see what the prices have been doing in recent times.

    Anyways, sorry to bust the bubble so to speak!


    Paul [suave2]

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    hi all

    i’m not sure if it’s cf+ after deposit or not. the show wasnt that detailed.
    good point paul! i guess tat guy has probably got all he can out of those areas before announcing it to the public. i will have alook at those areas over the weekend thou, just to see for myself[strum]

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