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    Hi everyone,

    I am keen in investing in the outer suburbs of Adelaide, mainly because this is where I live and also because the median house prices is a lot lower than other capital cities.

    I was just wondering how I can find plans / locations for future major commercial developments such as shopping centres, supermarkets, retails areas, restaurants etc. etc. I was reading in a book that for example the people that build huge Westfield Shopping Centres have done huge amounts of research into the perfect place to build such shopping centres.So if you can find out these locations than you are ahead of the average person.

    Is their somewhere free on the internet or in local councils that I can go to obtain future plans for large developments in outer city areas. This would mean I could have a better idea of where to buy/build property knowing that it is likely to be in an ideal location for capital growth in 5yrs time, however it will not cost a fortune to get into the place because it is only nothing special at the moment.

    Look forward to hearing your responses!

    Paul [suave2]

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    Hi Paul,

    You can get most of that infor from council web sites. The challenge is not what supermarkets are built (OK to do this research for rural areas) but to find a subdividable property with enough profit in it.

    Risk vs Reward calculations for individual properties in a big city are more important than what the council is planning. If there is enough profit in the deal most of the outer adelaide suburbs will be OK [biggrin]

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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