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    So Dazzling,

    Any tips on how you marry up a potential tenant with a piece of property? How do you find the potential tenants in the first place?


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    Hey Dazzling were you in a property magazine recently?

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    Hi Xenia,
    Where on earth do you get people stupid enough to take a ‘deal’ on those terms? Do you advertise or do they come to you? Is there a list somewhere? Can I have a copy? I’ve got a whole bunch of ‘Magic Cheese Powder’ Link I’m having trouble shifting and these sound like the sort of people who would be interested…

    Hey F,
    Who are the stupid people you are refering to? The people who we bought the house from or the ones we sold it to? Or us for brokering it????

    This deal was based on solving peoples problems.

    The vendors had a problem, they needed quick cash becuase they bought another house. They were willing to discount the purchase price for quick settlement.

    The purchasers we sold it to had a problem, they had a credit history to fix up, so taking an option to purchase and a savings plan was the best solution for them!

    Investment Property Management

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    If I can give you a word of advice when it comes to positive cash flow properties. YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND A FORTUNE!

    Everyone has to live somewhere and as long as there is demand, there will be tenants. Consider buying a relatively cheap property on the basis it has consistent rent return which matches the price of the property. For example, a property purchased for $48 000 and rents for $130 makes sense. A property this low in price in the right area will only ever go up in value, therefore you also gain the capital growth out of it.


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