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    Ooya. Anyone had any experience at re-spraying bath tubs and bath tiles? (Want to spray over that old pink colour that was popular in the sixties to off white)
    Costs involved? Does it stick ok? Recommend anyone in the sydney metro area?

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    I painted old lami-panel shower recess with a special paint for that purpose and it seems to be ok 2 years on. I used the recommended primer first and did it myself with a brush. I couldn’t find a product for the base of the shower though which is probably the same material as a bath. I don’t know about painting tiles either. I guess this isn’t really much use it is it? [mellow]

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    I have used White Knight tile paint with great results. I had a 70’s kitchen that had brown flowers painted on white tiles. Use the primmer recommended followed by the tile paint. Completely changed the look of the kitchen. Visitors thought that I had retiled it looked so good!

    Good luck


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    We did it in our IP when we took it for sale. Looked good.

    Stick with the recomended primer!!!
    Paint wouldn’t last forever,. And it’s life expectancy will much depends on how hard your tenants will scratch it when cleaning.
    The next time you will need to spent hips more time on preparation.

    But it’s a good and chip value adding!!!
    I recon it worth it!!!



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