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    I find it incredibily annoying that even although I sign on at the Member Login at the beginning, every time I want to send a reply or post a topic I have to sign in again on the Message Editor. This is not high security stuff, why isnt Member login enough, you can just get onto Somnersoft and post without signing in


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    This infuriates me.

    It is the poorest functionality of a forum I have ever frequented.

    Unfortunately we all have to continue to endure this cheap quality and structure of a forum.

    I get to the point when I am so sick and tired of it that I actually leave the forum and could not be bothered posting and don’t a lot of times because of it.

    Fancy running a forum and not having the forumites have the functionality in front of them to be able to login for any length of time, it’s preposterous.


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    A new forum is being planned out behind the scenes right now.

    In fact, the RESULTS Program Participants are part of a ‘beta-test’ of this new platform.

    Our current forum infrastructure is several years old – which in web terms is about 70 or 80 in human years. ;)
    Plus, due to the growth of’s membership base (as well as advancements in web technology) we’ve increasingly needed to improve our forum infrastructure.

    One of the additional pieces of functionality that you will find in the new forums is it will remember you each time you come back.

    There will also be other more major (more cutting edge) features – but I can’t let the cat out of the bag right now.

    Needless to say, watch this space.

    Warm regards

    Brent Hodgson

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    Are we on the same forum? [blink]

    Why is it that I don’t experience this. Once I am signed in I can post replies or new topics without any signing in on the message editor. In fact these fields don’t exist on the page unless I am not signed in to the forum.

    Puzzling. [eh]


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    I’m with you Elka. I never have an issue with it. Having said that – I look forward to experiencing this new forum Brent speaks of! Exciting stuff!

    Thanks once again to the administrators for providing such a great FREE resource for us all!



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