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    Hi guys,

    I’ve recently finished reading a book about Hans Jacobi and he gaurantees that his home-study course will make you money if you follow his processes. Has anyone bought this home-study course or knows anything about it? Its about $3500 and i’m not sure if I should buy it or not.

    Also, if you had $5000 to spend on your education would you buy some sort of study pack like Hans Jacobi’s or would you hire a buyers agency to find a CF+ property for you?


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    Why not just read every post on this forum and save yourself $5000?

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    definately agree with terry there!

    i am very much a novice, but i have learnt so much from reading websites, asking questions and sifting through the wealth of information on these forums! i refuse to spend large amounts of money on expensive “programs” etc. i just feel it would be much better off invested into property…

    i know many may disagree and say that some expensive education materials may save you more money by educating you and hence helping you to avoid mistakes…but i feel that if you start out taking minimal risks, you will learn so much more than any program can teach you.

    sometimes i feel that these property gurus should just come out with it and say “the best way to make money in property is to write a book about it” :)

    anyway, i think there are many books out there etc that do actually give some excellent advice, but IMHO i feel that thousands of dollars could be better spent elsewhere.. which many will disagree with im sure!

    Good Luck with everything


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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your advice. I think i’ll have to read more of these forums then because i’ve read quite a few of the recent posts but these do not seem to answer questions like “How to predict which town or area will have the next boom” or “Where to find CF+ properties and how to search for them” ???

    Thanks again.

    Paul [biggrin]

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    Hi Dare to Dream

    I have found the library to be a useful source of information. Most often they have a website where you can search not only your local library but all in your local district. As a member you can do most of your looking from home and even reserve books and audio online.

    I have been to a workshop called, “Breakthrough to Success”, where you spend the weekend working on your goals and any limiting beliefs you have which may inhibit your success. It normally costs $895, but I have some free tickets if you or anyone else would like them. I am now focused and really starting to change my life, so I am one happy camper. Just email me your details and I’ll email the information about it back to you if you are interested. [thumbsup2]

    Other than that, ask around some of your friends may have purchased resources they may be happy to lend you. Or get toghether with like minded people and split the cost of any resources you purchase.

    I prefer to educate myself rather than use a third party. But then, I’m time rich.[upsidedown]

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    Check their current refund policy. When I ordered this course two years ago they had 12 months no questions asked refund guarantee. I found the course very basic and all about how easy it is to make maney out of CF+ properties. Do not think that this course will actually help you to find these CF+ deals. I got my money back in the end, no questions asked. You can try the same.



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    Hey Paul,
    In my three years of investing I have attended free seminars (only one I paid $495 for), bought many a book and read this forum as well as others forums online. I also borrowed Steves book when I saw it at the library (sorry Steve I didnt buy it!)
    I think the information out there is amazing – all you need to do is take action on it!!
    Most people that take the step to pay $$$$ for a seminar need extra motivation and support more than the information.
    As you can see – all you need to do on here is ask a question and you will get some answers!


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