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    G’day everyone

    I live and own a house in country WA. I reckon the Perth prices are going stupid and I’m thinking buying elsewhere for investment. I’ve been looking on and Hobart pricing is quite attractive.

    What do you reckon ?? Any ideas about suburbs ?? Close to the water ?? Sub $350000 is about my limit.


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    What are you hoping to obtain from a property in Tassie?



    The Perth Market is going crazy all right (approx 24% in 12 Months and about 5-8%in the last 3 months, More in some regional areas); do you think it will cease shortly and thats why you dont want to buy there?


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    I’d be looking in Melbourne or Brisbane myself but if you could pick up something on the water for that price in Tas then you should do well long term.

    Just don’t expect any quick cap gain.

    Redwing when you hear that houses are more affordable in Brisbane than Perth than you have got to think your near the top of the market although there are different factors which have driven each boom.

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    Hi TJ,

    At a recent conference John Edwards (Residex) said his research indicated that Hobart would not be a good investment place for some time to come into the future.

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    If you would like any help with investing in SEQ Brisbane, please feel free to pick my brain….



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