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    Imagine finding an ideal cash flow positive property or investment property, going through all the legals, tying up the contract and then the bank takes 6 months to process your application!
    What I still find SO hard to believe is how long it takes for the paper shufflers to actually do their job. The incompetance of so many paper pushers who get commission on your loans… and for what! I don’t know if I am alone in this, but the real deal breakers are the banks – the very institutions which are there to make money off our ventures. .Go figure!
    On a good did come through and as it was an oddball property we were very to get it and the pain was worth it…
    Hope you all had a happy Easter
    Sooshie [biggrin]

    p.s. Haven’t Steve and Dave done a fantastic job at this site..looks so spiffy ! Awesome guys [specool]

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    6 months is a rather long time. Hope you didn’t have a 42 day settlement!

    Why did it take so long, and why didn’t you just go elsewhere?

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    Terry I agree.

    What do they say about Patience. Found in every woman but rarily in a man.

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    six months sounds pretty oddball to me….to borrow your words sooshie.

    six days is more like it in most brokers worlds – unless its in the boonies then who knows.


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