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    I always throught there was a section on this website with different calculators and PI equations on it ie: the 11 second rule and others that woudl be useful.. Is this no longer the case? Anyone direct me …Am I blind [comp][blink]


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    Hi as41,

    I’ve never seen any calculators on here, and I’ve been a member for a while now. Having said that, it’d probably be a good idea to have a section like that here!

    Probably not the 11 Sec Solution though – it’s fairly simple to understand. Purchase Price of property / 1000 x 2 =<Rent.

    So for a $100K property …. $100K / 1000 = $100 x 2 = $200. So rent must be $200 or more per week to pass this “test”.

    What the 11 Sec Soln does is give you a 10.4% yield.

    Steve decided that this was a simple equation he could do in his head that would serve to “filter” all of the potential properties he looked at, and leave him with a few that he could then go and do his due diligence on to work out whether or not they would actually make good +CF investments. It’s certainly not the be-all and end-all!

    I hope that helps!

    As for having that section – I’ve had a rethink while writing this, and jaffasoft’s website ( already has a fair few good handy calculators, so there’s really no requirement to duplicate, except perhaps to make this website a “one-stop PI shop”.



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    Dear Snowflake

    Just so you don’t think your going crazy, yes there were calculators on this website, I miss them too. I have emailed to see where they have gone and if we can have them back.


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    Try JAFFASOFTS the bottom of my Post will link you to it..

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    Also if anyone else has some specific needs for a calculator I can make one up for them.

    I want to add onother one in there which does convertions to metric for house block sizes as that always confuses me.

    The eleven second solution was (rent*1000/2).

    I ended up making my own solution by taking the formula and changing it. It did not seem to make sence to me so I did it the short way and just used (rent*500). It’s so easy, when you look at a property that is for rent you just times the rent by 500, can do it on your phone or anywhere and you instantly have a number for an anwser. If the price of the property is about that then it’s in the ball park for positive cashflow you can then turn around and say ok let’s look into the creative options to make it as PC as you can make it.

    Then calculation into it the occupancy rate when you want to know if a bit more detail i.e (Rent * %Occupied * 500). Another thing you could do and it only just occured to me this is, each week you think it will be vaccant just take 9.6 off the 500.

    So if you think the property will be vaccant for 1 week for the entire year you go (Rent*(500-9.6)) and for two week vaccant (Rent*(500-19.2). etc just take 9.6 off 500 for each week vaccant.

    I don’t know why on earth it was done the long way? Unless there is some accountancy rule that it must be timesed and then divide by two.

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    The lack of Calcs could be because of the new ASIC rules with regards to providing online calculators.



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