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    I know this web site is mainly comitted to property related issues, but as most people i have been scouring the internet and other resources for information, and i was wondering if anyone has heard of Jamie Mcintyre he offers a share market education packagae and seminars etc there are some other related education products from other investors like Nik Halik, Andrew Damitri and im sure there are many others, has anyone out there completed any of these education packages?? or have any other info regarding these homestudy packages, these guys claim to be able to teach people how to earn eg 30k per month or more from trading options.
    Thanks for any info anyone might have


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    G’day Nathan,

    Good on you for getting out there and doing something about your financial situation – I wish you all the best.

    Have a look at the following link to give you one (very one-sided!) view of this guy:

    But then to give you an idea of just how one sided that view might be, have a look at this link:

    So I guess the moral of this reply is – TRY to do your due diligence before getting too deeply involved in ANYTHING, but of course you will get conflicting opinions on everything! [blink] So sometimes it can be tough to work out what’s correct. I would suggest though that you try to find someone who has bought the package, and ascertain their opinion.

    I hope that helps!?! Maybe it just clouds the waters even more!

    All the best,


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    Throw that same question up on Aussiestock Forums and see what the Traders there think of $30k per Month being achieveable as well..and any inherent risks with such strategies..

    In saying that, there are many proponents of such strategies though, including Peter Spann..

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    I can teach you how to get 30k per month, each and every month, by trading options. It’ll take me a few hours to show you the theory, etc but it can be done.

    There is only one requirement – You’ll need at least 600k to start with.
    Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you a dream!

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