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    Hi Mini

    I was really starting to despair recently as I live remotely and found myself jumping from town to town looking (on the net) for suitable properties and realising that I was becoming a jack of all trades and master of none. Thanks for making me realise that as long as I choose one area and research, research, research, I will eventually have success in finding that property!!!

    You’re a champ.



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    Hey MiniMogul,

    Great story! Read through it all, even though it was a little long – it certainly was detailed and very inspirational.

    I'm just getting into NZ properties now, and agree with you about the benefits. I already have 5 units in Australia, but the benefits of NZ cashflow positive properties are very alluring, and my next properties will be there.

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    Hi Minimogul,
    I was happy to Log in and see that you still frequent this place (though maybe not so frequently as before??) Anyway, I was very happy to see you here again, and it reminded me of the Introductory Post to my “Big Picture” thread for newer investors.
    This quote of yours says it all really !!

    I don’t need to move markets, because I am no longer relying on the market to do anything.

    If it goes up, great, if it’s flat, doesn’t matter, the profit is in the adding value. if it goes down 10 percent, my profits are affected of course but not so much that it’s not worth doing.

    So by doing that you become the master of your own investing destiny and not so much a cork bobbing on the ocean of ‘market movement’ that you can’t control.

    Minimogul, I salute you, and thank you for that post. I hope we get to converse more on this board into the future.


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    thanks for your comment back in 2006! you can know me – skype, facebook, etc – I’m barbgriffin on facebook, hit me up! Barb AKA Mini

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    Great thread, everyone!

    Loved the action and insights all around :-)

    Totally agree that knowing ‘what’ and ‘how’ is way more important than an exact ‘where’. It’s even easier to see this in hindsight. The OP asked back in 2005 where Steve was investing. Today in 2015 we don’t really care what Steve did back then and where, do we? But we still care about the lessons. They didn’t change.

    Wishing us a all a great week!

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Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)

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