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    Unless my computer is playing tricks on me, it appears Dazzling is now a moderator. [suave]

    Congratulations, you always give very good advice, however blunt, but isn’t that what is really needed sometimes…?

    Once again, congratulations and happy posting!


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    This place is going to the dogs….

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    Congratulations on your Knighthood mate! I do enjoy your insightful, illuminating and thought provoking posts/comments. Who knows, one day you may be King? As for me? I don’t know about a Knighthood. I’ll probably just retain my ordained Court ‘Jesterhood’. I’ve got the shoes (you know the one’s that curl up on the ends and have a bell). I don’t even have a King size bed. I have a Court Jester size. The corners on the doona curl up also!

    “Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is often the best thing to do.”

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    hi dazzling
    congratulations I would post one of those little smily face put don’t know how.

    here to help

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    GOD HELP US!!![weird]


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    grats Dazz your advice is always a great read

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    Congratulations Dazzling,
    Myself and many others on this forum enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your views & input, so in the words of Billy Joel “don’t go changing” Cheers.

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    Mobile Mortgage Market
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    Thanks everyone for their kind words of encouragement – especially you Simon !! [biggrin]

    Not intending to change one iota. [whistle] You can expect many more blunt suggestions (no advice…oops there’s that word again)….from this little black duck. I am getting more mellow as the years roll by though. Lucky I didn’t join this forum a couple of years back….would of got run off long ago [whip]

    In the words of Dave Gilmour, still “Learning to Fly”. [dunce]

    To tell you the truth…this thread is pretty embarrassing…wish a Moderator would do something about it !!! [biggrin]



    “No point having a cake if you can’t eat it.”

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    Keep on [aacool] dazzling [aacool] us with your great knowledge!


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    Congrats Dazzling I’ve always gotten great enjoyment out of your posts and the ruckus they sometimes create.

    I wish you’d speak your mind more often though. [;)]


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    Congrats Dazzling!!!

    Still make me smile (must look ridiculous for anyone watching)[blush2] as I read some of your tongue in cheek comments.

    One of the things I like about you is your quote “no point in having cake if you can’t eat it”. But with your cake you share a slice from time to time, and that is nice…

    Keep it coming

    Cheers big ears!!


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    Well now that can of worms is well and truly opened! [laughing]

    Good to see Dazz.


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    Gidday Dazzling
    Must have missed this thread from a couple of days ago, but certainly didn’t miss the “Moderator” tag next to your moniker when I was reading various posts.
    Wanted to put the topic back on the front page, so to speak, so CONGRATS.
    As always, I do enjoy your no-nonsense, grounded, humourous and helpful replies.
    Keep ’em coming.

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    Same- congrats Dazzler!!

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