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    I currently have a property in Armidale which has been vacant for over 2 months. The agent says it is because it the market is slow. The house is in great nic (new carpets and freshly painted).

    I am therefore looking for a good property manager in Armidale. can anyone recommend one?

    Also can I just drop my current property mamagers or are there any implications ?

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    We also have a property in Armidale. The tenants have been there 18 months and are consistently a little behind with rent. PM has been to tribunal and they pay up but then slowly get behind. Otherwise keeping the house in good condition, so we have left them there. I spoke to PM last week about turfing them (as I do periodically), and he advised that the rent market has slowed and thought we could remain vacant for a while. We decided to sit tight until end of year when demand is usually stronger.

    We use Perrot & Ritchard, and have never had a problem. They show evidence of keeping on the tenants back about arrears, and are always quick to reply to any queries.

    We have had your problem with other properties, and have found that there is no problem changing agents because there is no money involved. We send a brief, polite fax advising them of the situation and keys etc have been available within 24 hours for collection by new agent.


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    Hi Marty,

    I would ring a few agents and enquire on rentals.
    This will give you some idea on the no. of properties available, rents, how the PM treats their tennants etc.

    Also, do a search on the various web sites for rentals in the area.

    In regards to sacking your PM, I think u can do this at any time, but check with the NSW real estate assoc.

    If things are tough then perhaps u could offer something for free (weeks rent, white goods, carport, $ for a garden, etc.)

    Please keep us informed of your progress, and good luck.


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    Hi Marty,

    FYI – You are able to change agents at any stage you feel like irrespective of the length of your managing agents agreement. You will have to check though because generally there is a clause stating that you are required to give them notice (30 days is normal though some agents do 60!) Also, if you find a new agent then you can have them deal with your old agent. They will make contact , explain that you no longer want to use them and request and collect all documentation in relation to your property so in effect you do not have to have any contact once you have selected a new agent.
    Hope this clears things up a bit.


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    hi,we have a property in armidale and have never had a problem,agent seems really good,see peggy at first national armidale.

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