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    Here Here Steve McKnight! You are totally correct not to promote any sort of denigration of any person……..even if this person does not give others the same respect. We are ALL entitled to our opinions. Cheers

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    The idea is not attacking anyone's personality directly but rather focusing on the 'Jenman System'.

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    Not sure what the controversy is. You may or may not agree with all thet Neil Jenman has to say.
    I spent some timne working for a Jenman agency in Melbourne’s East and came away convinced that the majority were involved becuase they wanted to make a bit of a difference and not rip people off or mislead them.

    I’ve also had a fair bit to do with individual staff at other agencies who i would now happily use and recommend who are in no way affiliated with Jenman.

    The market has changed in the ten years since I was involved. It’s now about internet presense really, not relationships with people from a marketing perspective.




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    Isn’t the Jenman formula simple? Never buy a property through a Jenman Agency because you will pay too much and always sell through a Jenman Agency because they will not undersell your property.

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    I worked for a Jenman Agency many moons ago and would always sell through one. No Sale No Fee. Makes 100% sense to me – What is the commission for again?

    I have read through this thread though and most arguments are not aimed at ‘The System’

    Funnily enough being open 7 days till 7pm gave me plenty of time to study the system inclusive of the management books (folders) and there were a few things in there I did not like as an employee.

    1) One was ‘pay junior staff as little as possible and only pay bonuses from commissions” I can understand this is reality for a small business but it is hard enough getting by as a young person etc..

    2) The other was ‘don’t encourage staff to undertake the licensing course as they will open up across the street in competition’ by the time I had read this my bosses had already talked me out of the course (which I had started) telling me I was needed until 7pm at night and doing 3 nights a week at TAFE would not work out + It isn’t important and I wont need it… I still regret not completing the course even though I am no longer in RE it is a goal I never achieved and may even come in handy with investing one day..

    For me Niel Jenman is a real estate agency expert and someone that likes to be involved in other parts of his industry, I will never go to Neil for Wrap expertise. That said, I have read Steve’s books and wont ask Steve for his expertise on running a Real Estate Agency either. Horses for courses.


Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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