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    Hello all

    I bought a 2nd hand car lately and am considering which insurance company i should go for a comprehensive insurance…

    I tried NRMA first and it would cost me $19**; the 2nd one was GIO and it would cost $14**(can save nearly $500 now…quite happy) until I found this one—it would cost me only $7** and the company is called “hotquote”.

    Has anyone heard of this company before? Or is someone here with them? Please give me some feedback because I’m a bit scared…why they only charge less than half the price of NRMA? I do not like the idea of paying a cheap policy and later on find out it does not provide any quality service when I do need it…

    Your help/comment would be much appreciated.


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    The last time I insured with NRMA (back in 80’s) it was an Agreed Value policy

    Most others at the time were Market Value policy, meaning less payout money, hence cheaper premiums.

    Hotquoate I can’t help you with.

    I guess read the fine print and chose the comfortable with option


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    I am an insurance agent in Qld working for a large company. Insurance is used in the event that you may make a claim. The premium is worked on the age of the driver. No Claim Bonus of driver the postcode where the car is garaged and on the number of claims that particular model car has had.(There is other info required as well) I have not heard of this company however try and find out say through local panel beaters, repairers whether they have a good history of paying their claims. Try and find out who the underwriter is.

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    I think these guys re related to insurers hotline.I have an old vehicle insured with them,and they are as cheap as chips.But I have never had to make a claim so don’t know what they are like on that side.I have found,however,that every time you ring to ask them something,each persaon you speak to will tell you something different.

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    It might be worth your time to try AAMI as well. I find them to be quite competitive with their rates.


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    I found RACQ very cheap and if your a member you get extra discounts.

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    Hi Jess,

    Check with a few panel beaters as they deal with them everyday. Tight insurance companies usually “force” the panel beater to do a lower standard of work just to score the job.

    I have found AAMI to be a good compromise between quality repairs and reasonable premiums. AAMI will also allow you to increase your excess and lower your premium if you want.

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    I’ve had my comprehensive car insurance with Hotline for a few years now, saved $hundreds$ on other quotes, although I’ve never had to make a claim.

    Here’s their No for enquiries 1300 360 066.

    Cheers, Nobleone. [biggrin]

    “Making mistakes is just another another tool for learning.”

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