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    Hi All,

    Any thoughts?

    “As an existing and valued client of Positive Real Estate, I am delighted to present to you a rare opportunity in an exclusive investment product that has not yet been released to the general public of Australia.

    • Commercial Property
    • Available lots from $20,000
    • Positively cash flowed from day one

    We have been working very hard to find ways of locating property investments throughout Australia which are positively geared and through our latest relationship we have secured the opportunity to invest in strata titled self storage units.

    The investment is managed by the industry experts, Storage King Management and offers an unbeatable return of 8% net pa guaranteed for 3 years. Yes, this investment has a positive cash flow with the opportunity for capital growth in Sydney!”

    Cheers, Nobleone

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    Wouldn’t touch it!

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    you might find they are wrth 15k and with the overinflated 25 pct that is how they gtee rents for 3 years.

    be careful!!

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    Ive found recently that Storage units tend to return around the 15% or higher mark. 8% is very low…


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