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    I was wondering if anyone knows of any good websites that specialise in researching and selling only positive cashflow properties to thier members.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. [specool]

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    Where are you looking to buy? Which country? area?

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    Hi PT King,

    Don’t know of any websites other than esc richmastery that sell pos properties.

    There are afew people on this forum who source and sell for a fee,one off the top of my head is Westan.

    Personaly I would rather find my own deals as I feel gives you lots of experience over time and a better feel for the market.


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    Hi ptKing,

    API magazine usually has several ads for companies selling positive cashflow properties.


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    that should read “allegedly” positive cashflow properties. Do your own research and you won’t get burnt. Don’t rely on anyone else… it just gives you someone else to blame if it all goes sour… by all means investigate the companies yourself and ask lots of questions if you’re not sure about them, just don’t blindly accept what they say.


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    nothing is done for free. I am not a member of any investing group and think that the best way is on your own with advice from forum such as this, but remember to take all advice with a pinch of salt. My question is if investing groups had positively geared props that were soo good why sell them to the public??? I would sell to family and friends only. There is no such thing as a free lunch… as i have found at 4 “free investment semenars” you pay for it in the inflated purchase prices etc… Marketing is not cheap someone has to pay and it is always the consumer. Do it on your own the only person you need trust is yourself.[biggrin]

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