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    First timer. Have been a member for a while. I have decided to look after properties myself, instead of going through REA, I have got good tenants in properties, I feel I am paying good money 8%for them to collect rent, and I could do this myself. My question is I have got information from Ezy Pay, It costs $330 to join, and costs $3-5 per fortnight commission, the tenant gets rent deducted(direct debit)the good thing about this, is they contact you if they are late(no money in account) they also will refer onto debt collection agency, if still no money. Has any body dealt with ezypay? Is there any similar business, that may not charge as much.



    Kevin Astill

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    We just do it ourselves and have tennets direct debited from their account.
    We have each coded so we can trace payments.
    Works fine (we have 8 tennent)and we check once a week.
    Can see those who need a visit very quickly.
    As our response time is like a Swat Team if there is non payment 99% of the time they toe the line.

    All is explained upon taking out a contract to rent.
    We have only one added condition.

    “We will give you a great place to live and attend to anything that needs attention promptly—in return YOU pay your rent on time EVERY time.”.

    Saves around 10K a year.

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    Have a look at as a possible alternative.


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    Hi Kevin

    This sounds like a lot of trouble to save a few dollars per week. Sometimes ahving an agent is good to put some distance between landlord and tenant. eg. it is hard to tell someone that their rent is going up, but much easier to do if you go thru an agent. So you could be ‘squeezing’ out a few more dollars if you actually used an agent.

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    Hi Kevin,

    I’m an agent although at one time i gave it a rest, And in those 5 years I didnt look after my properties, you dont want the hassle, people often talk and say how easy it is WELL its all roses when things go to plan believe me when they stop paying GOODLUCK getting in contact with them,
    plus the time it consumes its not worth the trouble.
    A week ago a couple walks into my office and they want me to look after there property I thought great new business, Yeh Right once we sat down and discussed it there tenant for 13 Years was behind from june this year wouldnt return there call knock on the door numerous times no answer even though they were home etc.
    I personally delivered a notice to terminate and guess what the rent started to come in.

    Think before you do it.NEGOITATE WITH THE AGENT.



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    My father self managed all his own IP’s. What a nightmare! I must admit he probably didn’t go about it the smartest possible way but it was truly a pain for the whole family.

    Also a solicitor I did business with a few years ago warned about self-managing down at Sydney’s northern beaches. He said that some tenants who have trouble renting through the normal channels target self-managers. He also went on to say that these people would move into a not so ideal property and drive the landlord nuts with requests to fix everything. In the meantime they don’t pay rent and threaten tribunal action to get things fixed. Meanwhile the poor old landlord spends forever trying to evict them!

    As collector j says it’s smooth sailing collecting rent but what would YOU do with situations such as rent arrears, midnight flips, damage, tribunal hearings etc, etc, etc.

    If you have trouble getting on with your fellow man and / or a nervous, stressful disposition leave the property management to someone else.

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    A professional agent that does the job well, arranges quotes for repairs and always does what she says, thats my agent Angie from Ipswich rentals and sales.

    Yes we nmanaged a nightmare tenant ourselves and finally flicked it after 6 months back to our agent as we didnt want to have to deal with the tenant winging about non payment anymore.

    Since then it has been trouble free and we are finally able to remove this tenant from the property cleanly and safely without the direct emotional baggage.

    I’m totally for agents and especially good ones.


    Don’t sweat the small stuff,and it’s all small stuff!!

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    Well, we manage one ourslef and the others are through agents and find both are the same amount of work.

    We find we often have to keep on the PM’s back about things they should be doing. So it doens’t always save time. The benefit though is advising that rent is going up, I find it easier for osmeone else to tell them, although having to remind the PM 3 or 4 times to do it is annoying, at least if I’d done it it would have been done first time.

    I don’t know how many properties you have but if more thatn one, why not just try managing one first. We don’t direct debit out tenant, we have then direct deposit. So far he has never missed a payment and direct depositing doesn’t cost a cent. If they don’t put it in then you have the legal timeframes to wwait anyway for you can issue a brech for rent. Gives you time to sort the paperwork yourself and you can buy these forms form the newsagent as well.

    I’d say Try one and see how that goes first, befor eyou do the whole lot.


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    Hi purple kiss.

    If you have to remind your agent 3-4 times to do certain things, why are you still with them wouldnt it be better to find one that’s more competent in property management.

    my suggestion would be to write a checklist of what you require and make sure they stick to it.

    If that dont help, either jump ship or write a nice little letter to the principal, saying that he/she has just lost your business due to bad service.

    Property management is so neglidected that it’s becoming a joke and 90% of the time the principal’s dont even know what’s going on, And that’s really SAD!


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    Most of the time I don’t even KNOW I’ve got buy and holds until the rent comes in. The agent takes care of everything. Makes my life much easier!

    Keep smiling
    Felicity 8-)

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