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    Hi Waynel

    Yes it was verifiable she was a friend of ours we knew her when she maxed out her credit cards to visit the company to see with her own eyes.

    So we saw her growth.

    This high end stayed sustainable for a few years she has since dropped out and doing other things shw invested heavily in real estate bought an island etc. She bought house all around the world
    She still gets cheques approx 50000 a month now.

    Her words this is like winning the lottery every month.

    I remember her telling us if this opportunity is half as good as they say this will make me rich.

    She could see it and in a short space of time her predictions were correct.
    There was going to be a quantum leap in earning/sales/sponsoring etc as momentum was starting to occur.

    She did beleive that the NW model with a good solid company with a unique consumable product was a good one.
    She felt anyone with a hunger for success could make it in that model as reward was based on your own efforts combined with the efforts of others.


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    Originally posted by gilad:

    At the moment i don’t have enough money for property

    That is an interesting belief…. It sometimes is not about owning the property…. but controlling it and reaping the rewards. – I have secured 300K properties for $1.00 each. how many can you get at that reate???? as many as you can get.

Viewing 2 posts - 101 through 102 (of 102 total)

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