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    Sorry if i am not allowed to ask this question but it is my first time on the boards.
    I am going to be Investing in Queensland in 5 properties using a local buyers agent and accountant, BUT i live in the UK i have been pionted by the UK Law Society that a good independent firm with offices in the UK and Brisbane to use would be Minter Ellison.
    I was wondering if anyone has had dealings or knowledge of this firm and any experiances with them,as i need a really impartial top notch firm in Brisbane to handle my dealings while i am not in Australia.Any advice would be very much appreciated,thanks.

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    No problem with asking this question. Minter Ellison is one of the top 10 Law firms in Australia- by size and reputation, and are renowned for their commercial knowledge. They also do a large amount of pro-bono work, so they have a progressive basis and are giving back to the community.

    kay henry

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    I would agree with Kay’s comments.[biggrin]


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    I agree – they are Tier 1 and you will pay an enormous fee for it. Appropriately, because they are a huge ntaional law firm.

    If you are buying commercial properties perhaps a firm in the realm of Minters is appropriate. If you are buying single family residential I am sure some forum posters can provide the names of lots of smaller specialist firms for conveyancing or propertry acquisition in Qld who won’t charge out their team at the rates of the bigger nationals.


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    Thanks for your help i did look at some smaller firms,but with buying from overseas i need a firm that control a buyers agent,accountant and management company which minter say they can do.

    Regarding the fees when i compare Minters fees to my UK solicitors fees they are around the same so if Minters is an expensive firm your more competitive firms must be cheap.
    Just can’t wait until i get my Visa,thanks for your help.

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    Minter Ellison is a good firm. I’ve worked with them several times in the past (as the appointed lawyers for several businesses I founded).

    However you do need to make sure you’re dealing with good people in the organisation….of course all their people are good, but some are naturally more expert in the areas of law you need than others.

    (and never diss a lawyer in a public forum [biggrin] )



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