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    Hello All,

    I am after a new property manager for my property in Braddon, ACT. Does anyone have one they can highly recommend?

    As some background, and to get it off my chest (cause I’m absolutely fuming) I have just had to fire my current manager (well she doesn’t quite know that yet, won’t do it till we find another one) as she went on leave for a week and while she was away our tenants gave notice. That’s fine except for the fact that the idiot who took the notice decided that it wasn’t valid as the lease hadn’t expired yet. Anyway, turns out it is valid and the tenant gave notice 10 days ago and now they are moving out on the 6th of September. I’m in a bit of a panic now as of course I have money set aside for vacancies and repairs, but I never expected to only have a week to find a new tenant. That seems pretty much impossible to me.

    Anyway, since this is my one and only rental property I need to know from all of you who is a good property manager in Braddon and also what steps I have to take to fire my current one. This is just totally unacceptable in my opinion. What’s worse is I can’t get an ad in tomorrow’s paper as the deadline cut off last night!

    Really, really angry about this one!!


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    PM melbear, i know for a fact she has plenty of IP’s in canberra. she will be able to put you onto someone good.

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    Hi Luckyone,

    I would highly recommend Marilyn / Stacey from First National at Kambah Village. I was originally a tenant in one of the properties they managed and then I came back to haunt them as an owner and used them as my PM’s – very tough cookies! I had the townhouse for 3-years (have now sold my IP but will use them again when I get back into the IP market), in the time that they managed my property, I had 3 different tenants but I never had a day vancant! I had to put off one tenant for 2 days so that I could get in the door to re-do the bathroom cabinet and paint the place between tenants.

    Good Luck!


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    Hi Luckyone
    If they don’t understand the basics, they can hardly blame you for changing PMs.
    A good REA and PM should have a high enough level of enquiry to steer one your way, with or without a specific ad.
    Most PMs will not stand in your way if you are polite but firmly changing PMs because they goofed at your expense.
    good luck

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    Hi luckyone
    I am a tenant in Canberra and have had experience with a pm located in ainslie. I personally would hate to have them as pm of a property I owned.

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