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    To be able to give. Money, time, knowledge, peace, & the greatest gift of all – a knowledge of God.

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    SOOOOO interesting, all of this.

    So mine is basically like Celivia and Acey,
    “To love, be happy, and have fun in life as much as possible.”

    and to that I would add ‘to show/help/enable others to love, be happy, and have fun in life as much as possible too


    to take complete responsibility for everything in my life and never cop out or blame others


    to love the unloveable


    all the freedoms –
    financial, spiritual, intellectual, freedom of thought, of speech, freedom to pick and choose what I want to do with my time

    which, when I got it, would be just to spend it doing more fun stuff and helping others have more fun too. I figure if you are having fun, you have more energy to help, no burden on anyone else and you are healthier (they’ve proven that) and you live longer, so therefore your life becomes more cashflow positive, haha, etc etc

    At the end of your life you won’t remember the dollars and the zeroes – or how much something cost, you will remember the experiences and the feelings and the people and the love.

    However if you worry about money (or anything) then you won’t really be able to enjoy the experiences and the people and the love because you will be only 10 percent there in the moment and 90 percent worrying about the future.

    but to touch on someone else’s comment about everyone having ‘selfish’ goals, but one must get one’s self there first, otherwise one is just ineffectual, a whinger, a hypocrite, or similar!

    i.e. how could I pay for a semi-trailer of goods for the Smith Family if I can’t pay my rent and my finances are in a mess? how can I love someone properly before I love myself properly? (it’s not love then, it’s co-dependence, or conditional!) how can I make others happy while I am miserable?
    (you can’t!)
    how can I support my family into their old age or young age or whatever if i can’t support myself?

    (uhm, pass…)

    How can I hope for world peace if I hold grudges against someone? (you can’t, you’d be a hypocrite.)

    end of philosophising

    joy to the world

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    My goal is to be in a situation where I can help disabled kids and the people who look after them by having enough financial freedom to thoroughly enjoy life and give some of it back to others. :D

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    My life goals:

    1. My family first, to be happy with them and make them happy at all cost
    2. Make money
    3. If step 2 achieve then use it to enjoy life, but if I am not able to achieve step 2 then I still enjoy life, but just have to work for some body else as employee or self employ.

    Kind regards

    Jet Dollars
    “The road of some-day lead to the town of nowhere”

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    Geo, you asked:

    “Hey LifeX – how do you plan on achieving inner peace? – would like to know more”

    My answer,
    I believe that the majority of suffering in the world does not come from external circumstances or physical situations. I subscribe to the idea that a disciplined and enlightened mind can banish your own personal suffering, and that you can be at peace no matter whats happening around you.

    So to reach inner peace I simply need to spend time disciplining my mind. (ties in with study of different religious beleiefs and philosophies, meditation, increasing physical fitness and more ).

    To maximise my time spent in this area over the total course of my life time, I want to become financially free asap, so I am putting in a lot of time into building enough wealth early so that I may spend more time later on in life focusing on the finer points of life and sharing this with others.



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    My purpose is to shine love on God, myself and others.[biggrin]

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    Hi all,

    Put simply – To make a positive difference.

    [email protected]

    Property Investment Support Available. Ongoing and never stopping. PM welcome.

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    Our youngest son got out the movie “Big Fish” last night, and my wife and I watched it with him (Danny DeVito, Ewam McGregor, Helena Bonham Carter etc)….Big Fish is BRILLIANT and SO, SOOOOOO relevant to this topic of our goals in life, about a son’s attempt to:
    1. Understand and
    2. Sum up his father’s life

    You’ll love the ending.

    A real feel good, human, family / personal relationships based, down to earth masterpiece. I’m off to buy the book which inspired the movie.

    Oh, and my personal goal in life?

    Nirvikalpa Samadhi [angel] after a life of giving to others (do a Google search on it, and you’ll really know how weird I am! It’s the Yogi Bear in me that made me say it [biggrin])


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