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    I would like to suggest that if there are enough people wanting a seminar in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, Steve might come up. It could benefit Qld and people from northern areas of NSW. Steve told me that he may be coming for a Book launch later. So maybe if we have the numbers, we could convince him, to do a seminar at the same time. Melbourne is a nice place, but let’s get him up here. What does everone think?

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    $2000. Do you think that is lot of money for getting good advice , ideas and being able to network with like minded people ? mmmmm. Personally I think it is cheap. I have paid many times that amount over the years for info and it has come back to me many times over.
    You’re call but don’t let the cost be your reason, this may be just the catlyst you need.

    AD [:o)]

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    I was quite prepared to travel and pay for the seminar in July (I live in Leeton NSW) but my husband works weekends and there is nobody local that I can rely on to mind our kids (aged 2 & 3) at any given date that suits my whims. By the time I had organised babysitting it was sold out – but I think even with the cost of travel and accom. it would have been a gift… maybe next time?


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    Count me in for a Brisbane seminar, if there’s a chance we can get one. I’m on the Sunshine Coast and can’t make it to Melbourne this time.
    (Too cold anyway!)

    No try!
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    Im a yes for Brizzy too or if Im on baby duty (4&2) my wife will attend as we are a great team and do all of our investing together.

    Sonja, babysitters whereforartthou babysitters!!!!!! We have recently moved to Coffs, still trying to get someone for us to have those occasional grown up evenings too.

    Seminar for Brizzy please.


    Don’t sweat the small stuff,and it’s all small stuff!!

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    Yes I am all for that…..I missed out and am on a not looking too positive waiting list. Would love a conference day here in Brissy

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