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    Hi all. Got news yesterday that one of my I/P’s had been broken in to. Of course I gave the go ahead to get the window repaired straight away and told the property mgr to ask the tenant would they like some sort of security grill installed on the same window, tenant said great and also asked if I would be prepared to go halves in a burglar alarm to which I said yes. After hanging the phone up, I felt a bit guilty thinking that I should probably pay the whole price myself for the alarm, especially considering that the tenant has been in this property from day 1 ( 5 years). What do you guys think

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    Guilt – yeah dont you hate that feeling.

    I increased the rent on a great tenant by $5 a week the other day. At the last body corporate meeting everyone was telling me what a great person she was etc looking after her two kids on her own etc.

    I actually feel guilty ringing the property manager to see how she reacted to the rental increase.

    Trying to be objective – go halfs its a good outcome for both you and tenant.

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    Marty, I guess it depends on whether or not they’ll leave it in place when they leave.

    I’ve had tenants move into one of mine recently, ask if they could install an alarm, and said they would leave it when they moved on. More than happy with that![:)]

    I think halves is a good deal for your tenant – and you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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