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    I have seen ads for 100% home loans. Does anyone have information regarding these loans? Is it possible to borrow 100%?

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    You can borrow ‘more’ than 100%

    Including loan costs etc etc, you just have to be able to loan against Equity you already have !

    Nothing for nothing, the bank lends to you ‘when’ it’s safe for them.

    You’d need to post more information on your personal situation..


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    There are a few lenders that offer 100% home loans 9ie secured on the one proeprty). The requirements are very strict and mortgage insurance is payable (approx 2.6% of the loan amount!).

    You still need a certain amount of savings for all the costs and LMI. Only available for metropolitan areas, good employment record, no high-rise units, etc.

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    The lenders that offer 100% loans include:

    – St George
    – Homeloans Ltd
    – Tonto
    – Pepper

    I haven’t had a lot to do with these loans. Some require genuine savings and some don’t. Some investor clients of mine use these loans as a way of increasing leverage.



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