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    Hey guys,

    My family would like to set up a charity overseas to help this small community by implementing projects like building a drinking well, providing medical supplies etc… We would just like to give something back to the community.

    Anyway, I would like to ask everyone if they know any useful websites to get some information on this. Right now, I’m thinking 3-5 members to administer the fund and we are based in Melbourne.



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    Sounds like a lovely ambition Martin.

    I wish I did know how to help, but have you tried any of the big groups like Community Aid Abroad or AusAid to see whether they could direct you?

    Good luck & Merry Christmas!

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    We have done prelim some work into setting up a charitable foundation.

    The legal form/structure we delegated to our lawyer, who has reported back with a way forward.

    The hard work though, is coming up with a mission statement and core set of values. In short, there is always a need, but finding your way to help is tough

    My favourite Bible passage sums it up well:


    The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

    Matthew 9:37


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    1stly – get a team together that knows its stuff. You do need an ABN and be formally registered with the ATO as a non profit organisation to ensure that donations are tax deductible.

    Contact your local law society and accountant organisation etc to get a list of those who can help – then it is a lot of leg work.

    Best of luck to you.

    Robert H Bromwich
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    Registering with the ATO in no way guarantees that contributions will be tax deductible. Greenpeace had to fight for years.

    Lots of Charities around very few are tax deductible.

    Set up one in Vanuatu, its a tax Haven many years ago, was very easy.

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    Thanks for the advice

    The best site for information that I’ve been to so far is:

    a lot of reading to do but it does help clarify a lot of issues.

    Will be reporting back soon! :)


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    Mathew 9.37? Suggest you go back two steps to 35.


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    What about establishing a religion? How do you do that?

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