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    Hi all. Just wanted to get an idea on peoples thoughts about the amount of townhouses that seem to be springing up (where I live anyway, which is Western Suburbs of Sydney). Do you think they will add value to the area because they replace older houses and look aesthetically nice, or do they detract value due to multiple tenancy on the one block. Also, do you think an existing houses land value may increase in these situations as “backyards” become scarcer.

    Have a good day all


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    ? Add/detract value – if done right, Yes
    ? Existing houses get dearer – double Yes

    Two cents worth – they are nice mix of grass/dirt with low maintenance requirements for both house and garden, and provided you get on with the neighbours, a bit more ‘community’ feeling than plain apartments.


    PS My opinion may be biased as I live in a terrace in Brisbane (one of few!), and adore my neighbours, and my two wee pug dogs adore their patch of dirt, so much so they think there should be more of it inside too, but that’s another story. [:)]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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