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    Hi All,

    Hope you are all doing well!

    I have had a very interesting month since the Masters and some of that time has been spent on these forums – where it has been a pleasure to encounter the diverse material and people’s generosity of time and knowledge.

    You may all remember Stuart from Guerrilla Real Estate who made a huge impact on quite a number of people at the Masters – me being one of them!

    Out of the blue this month – we have had an opportunity land in our lap. It’s a long story and will give you the details once I know more about it – ie., once I spend 2 days with Stuart – starting tomorrow morning.

    It concerns a commercial property deal and someone needing to sell. My husband already owns one half of the property and we are now looking to buy the rest.
    All thanks to the confidence that Stuart instilled in me in the early stages of the situation and being there (in the background) to guide me through my negotiations with the other party.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow when we will “hit the ground” – to put it in his own words – as soon as he gets off that QLD plane onto the Melbourne tarmac.

    I have found his wisdom and input extremely helpful and as I said above, I look forward to telling you more once I know more.

    Has anyone else ever engaged Stuart’s services? If so – how did you find his help?

    I’ll be back to write more soon. Look forward to your feedback as well.


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    Hi Violeta,
    I think your yery lucky to be spending time with Stu(I’m very jealous!!!)[;)]
    It is something I intend to do ASAP, once I get over the hump that is confronting me at present!
    His enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge(I could go on) are inspiring to someone like myself who is just starting out!

    Scott S


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    Hi Violeta,
    I like you attended the seminar and heard Stuart speak, as a result I purchased his – The Guerrilla Adds Pack – which includes 2 telephone confrence calls with Stuart. His approach and startergies have enlitened me beyond comprehension. I have used his techniques and stratergies on four seperate deals over the last month and a half or so with unbelievable results, results that I never thought were possible. I havent used my two phone calls yet because I’m saving them for a rainy day but like you I have found his wisdom and input extremely helpful and I havent even spoken to him one on one yet other than at the seminar. You are very fortunate too have some one so talented in this field on your side so much so that I cant wait to see him at work one day. Stuart thank you for your input you cant put a price on it.

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