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    does anyone have a general idea of how much per square meter it cost to extend a house i’ve just veiw’d the house.. dont have any plans or anything.. but was wondering if anyone had a formular or had extended a house and how viable it was when trying to sale for more profit

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    Yeah I’m not expert, but with regards to extending the building and making extra profit, it really depends on the building and location as to whether that kind of improvement is something that people will see as a benefit (and how much of a benefit) for that area and that paticular property.

    Don’t know of any formula for calculating the cost of extensions as it would depend on what u want done, but I would call up a few companies that do extensions etc and from that get a general feel or average price you can use.




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    as a rule of thumb if you dont have any landscaping it comes to approx $10000.00 per sq. This should cover all your fees and applications to all the authorities. Just be mindful this is very broad but it is what I use.

    Good Luck


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