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  • Matt & Richard, thanks for your replies.

    OK, sounds good… I am an Australian citizen but will be relocating to UK next year. Now will any bank that offers 95% or 90% LVR lend to an Aust citizen living overseas at the same LVR, or are some banks better to work with while in this situation then others?



  • Hey Everyone,

    I understand that whilst living OS Australian Banks will only finance 80% LVR on Australian properties. Is this correct?



  • 30CH,

    Took your suggestion and did a google, and yes “Trustee is legal owner” sprung up everywhere. This leads me to question, what are the asset protection features of a trust?

    Thanks for your comments everyone.


  • Coastymike & Cata,

    Thanks very much for your posts, this reafirms my original understanding and also means I am not going crazy.

    Now, this APS also suggests that only 2 – 4 properties be held in each trust (in order to limit exposure) Now if the $2 corp trustee is the only entity that can be sued then it should not matter how much property you…[Read more]

  • Thanks, found some good posts in the guru watch section…

  • Terry,

    Banks in Poland for example do offer loan products to foreigners who need to meet tighter conditions to satisfy the banks. One of which is a minimum of 20% – 30% deposit.

    I have a friend in Poland at the moment who I’ve asked to check these conditions out for me, but he is dragging his feet somewhat. I think I’ll try to communicate direct…[Read more]

  • Dr.X,

    At the moment I am looking at Poland. But I am not necessarily limiting myself to this country.

  • We have a chris batten suggested trust structure with:
    Hybrid Unit Trust holding commercial property
    Hybrid Discretionary Trust as single unit holder of the HUT.
    Loan in my name – to purchase units in the trust.
    Trustee’s and in both trusts include me.


    I was just reading your post because I also have a Chris Batten HUT. However you…[Read more]

  • Thanks Woodsman, thats good news!

    Don’t worry about my first question, found a thread asking the same question a few doors down.


  • Sebastian replied to the topic Business Finance in the forum No Subject 16 years ago


    Thanks for your input. I’m registered for a “how to buy a business” workshop on Thursday so hopefully this will answer many more of my questions.


  • Sebastian replied to the topic Business Finance in the forum Finance 16 years ago

    Hi cam245,

    I do have 2 houses with equity, so the security side of it is not so much of a problem. What is more of an issue that I need to address is the serviceability of the loan.

    Would the banks take into account the net profit of a business when assessing serviceability? For example, when you purchase a new investment property, you state…[Read more]

  • Thanks Terry,

    The entry is due to be deleted in June 2006, so it happened 3 years ago.
    and the amount is for ~$2000. Not too sure how soon it was repayed but the person was out of the country for 5 months and was not aware these debts where being made at the time.

    I feel the case is strong, so we’ll put it to them and see what…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the replies people.

    I had ordered my CRAA file from Baycorp some time ago and it came up squeeky clean.

    I’m trying to learn as much as I can about finance and the processes involved, after a recent decline I want to make sure that my financial position and how banks etc view my situation is the best I can get it so that I don’t have…[Read more]

  • Well, I’m gonna jump on the band wagon also!
    Prosolution, is exactly that pro!
    I’ve spoken to a few mortgage brokers and no one has come close to Stuart in terms of service, professionalism, and knowledge.

    Keep up the great work Stuart and Josie, and congratulations on the national finalist award!


  • Melbear,

    Thanks for that…. but then that of course leads me to the same question breakfree has posed.

    This is not something I am toying with just exploring avenues and creating discussion…. of course always seek professional advice prior to taking action!

    Thanks Again… I, as breakfree look forward to your response!


  • aussiemike,

    I am not talking about adding or changing beneficiaries as I know this will lead to resettlement of the trust and hence CGT and stamp duty events taking place.


    Thanks for the links, I will look into them once I have some more time.

    agent smith,

    I have not purchased any property as such, just exploring an avenue more than…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys.
    Yes, I beleive it is the same for WA, re: confirmation of name 28 days prior to settlement. So this works well for me.

    I made an offer last night, the agent was a bit reluctant to accept as name and/or nominee, but then informed me that I have 28 days prior to settlement to confirm.

    Thanks Again!


  • Thanks aussiemike,

    May sound like stupid questions, but I want get as best of an understanding of this as I can!

    I will definately be going through an accountant, as they may be able to bring up situations etc that I may have not considered.

    Do you know if I can get a hold of a basic trust deed so I know what they look like and what is on them?…[Read more]

  • aussiemike,

    You say basic legal documents. Is that to say they just use basic templates and that the trust deed or whatever you are need would more than likely need to be added to by your solicitor or accountant to “personalize” it for your situation??

    Has anyone used these services and are happy with them?



  • I have not done this myself, but have spoken to people and have friends who have, but international students are ideal for student accomidation. More particuarly asian students, who are very quiet , studeious, clean and do not party it up as much as other students for example.

    A friend of mine has a property in Como (Perth) close to Curtin…[Read more]

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